Women that oppose feminism because they feel they personally have all the rights and respect they need are so incredibly selfish and ignorant to the plight of women not only in their own country, but across the developing world.

Mercredi Avr 23 @ 11:50am


get your shit together before you talk bad about other people. and if you do get your shit together, youll probably be too occupied to see what everybody else is doing.

Mercredi Avr 23 @ 11:49am


Claire Bear Soaps on etsy

Handmade Vegan Soaps & Bath Bombs

When I saw this gorgeous store I couldn’t help but share it with everyone! If I lived in the US I would definitely be buying loads. Not only do her products looks absolutely gorgeous and well made but I can’t believe how affordable they are! Please support Claire’s lovely store so she can continue to make beautiful items and stay at home with her kids. xx

Mercredi Avr 23 @ 11:32am
Dear straight/white/cis/het/men;



You are not oppressed. You could be discriminated for being straight/white/cis/het but you are not oppressed. I don’t care if “certain cultures” in “certain countries” can oppress you. Because if you have to go to some tiny corner of the world in order to be “oppressed”, you’re not oppressed at all.


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Mercredi Avr 23 @ 11:19am

Anthropologie’s lingerie section is killin it (and killin me)

Mercredi Avr 23 @ 11:14am

Anonyme a demandé: I think you're insecure and scare that fit guys won't like you, which is why you like the chubs...?

Wow. That’s incredibly rude to suggest that certain people are only found attractive as a secondary choice.
First of all, you must be very new here because I’m incredibly confident in myself.
Second, I do not have any particular preference for any body type, I simply stated that I’m attracted to a wide spectrum of people and that can include chubby people and fit people.
Third, stop viewing chubby people as lesser. Stop thinking that someone dating a chubby person or interested in a chubby person MUST HAVE A LOW VIEW OF THEMSELVES. I can’t believe you’d suggest that someone must be insecure WITH THEMSELVES just to consider someone who wasn’t totally ripped and toned.
Get off your high horse.
In fact, please fall off of it and break your legs in the process, you burnt marshmallow.

Mercredi Avr 23 @ 11:13am

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i need more kinky lingerie and more milkshakes in my life

Mercredi Avr 23 @ 10:59am

Anonyme a demandé: I'm an average looking guy. There's this girl in my math class who, in my opinion, is really pretty. She's one of those kinda "popular" girls that talks to the "popular" guys, but she doesn't seem self-absorbed. Anyways, I haven't talked to her all semester but we would look at each other sometimes. I came to class today and as we were all waiting outside she said, "we don't have a test today" to me, which she never does. Then in class she sat by my side of the class, (con't)

(cont) “which she never does, and she was two seats away. She sits on the opposite side usually. A little while later, she looked over to me and asked if I understood any of the work. I don’t know what made her want to talk to me all of a sudden because I don’t talk to anybody, especially not the people she talks to. How would you interpret this?”

First off, I feel like I just read part of a young adult novel lmao. I would not interpret this as anything?? She didn’t sound overly flirty. I mean if she continues to talk to you a lot maybe she’s trying to get to know you and you should roll with it but I mean it doesn’t sound astoundingly flirtatious to me.

Mercredi Avr 23 @ 10:56am

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