What the fuck…there’s a huge group of like…white women standing in the middle of Guadalupe street with protest signs in favor of abortion and like you know me I’m feminist I’m here for abortion but like…..traffic is backed up so far. They’re all just in the middle of the street YELLING and they look like damn fools honestly…that’s not how you convey your views. People are just laughing and mocking it because it looks so ridiculous. It’s not helping anything. It’s the first day of classes, people are trying to get on campus and like they’re just standing in the middle of one of the busiest streets on the damn campus. Bruh, that’s so shitty y’all gotta quit making feminism look so unorganized

Mercredi Aoû 27 @ 12:53pm


if you don’t support me you can just unfollow me i don’t give a fuck about your declarations of disappointment no one cares but you god bless and have a nice day and prosper etc 

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🌼first day of class selfie🌼🌚

🌼first day of class selfie🌼🌚

Mercredi Aoû 27 @ 11:53am


One day you guys are literally just going to expect lingerie to fall out the fucking sky. OUT OF THE SKY. WHO CARES ABOUT FAIR WAGES AND ETHICAL PRODUCTION?????? NOT YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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chris evans is half frat boy beefcake and half tender sensitive artist who loves his family and cries at sunsets and that’s why he’s so fucking dangerous

Mercredi Aoû 27 @ 11:34am
why in THE FUCK


am i so short?

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my hero

Hola, y’stupih

Mercredi Aoû 27 @ 11:26am

grids 2/?

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what weirds me out is when white women try to say that they are fetishized by moc? it really f*cks me up like fetishization and idolization are very very very different? and it really angers me that white women think “being put on a pedestal” is the same as being fetishized. 

this is not me saying that sexism against white women is okay all i am saying is that the sexism that white women face does not include fetishization. 

Mercredi Aoû 27 @ 11:23am

Mercredi Aoû 27 @ 11:10am

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