pup interrupting selfies

Jeudi Juil 24 @ 02:54pm

Jeudi Juil 24 @ 02:46pm

the 4ever sports bra life

Jeudi Juil 24 @ 02:44pm

Dear white peopleā€¦

Jeudi Juil 24 @ 01:48pm
Jeudi Juil 24 @ 01:43pm

Anonyme a dit: hellooo, do you think it's weird to post photos of the lingerie you got when you're 17? I wouldn't actually post pictures of me wearing it, just on my bed :)

nah i don’t think it’s weird

Jeudi Juil 24 @ 01:31pm
Jeudi Juil 24 @ 01:26pm
Jeudi Juil 24 @ 01:22pm

hmmmmm i wanna be tanner but i do not want to have to purchase darker make up so is it really worth it

Jeudi Juil 24 @ 01:22pm
every porn ever
  • guy: *touches girl on the arm*
Jeudi Juil 24 @ 01:20pm

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