How to finger a girl

1. Use your tongue

Lundi Sep 15 @ 10:40pm

gracefullydeadicated replied to your post: professor-exo said:How did you me…


Lundi Sep 15 @ 10:40pm

professor-exo a dit: How did you meet Jared Padalecki?

He was just shopping in Whole Foods and I was like wtf YOOOO!!

Lundi Sep 15 @ 10:25pm

I was tagged by imgonnamakeyousquart!

birth place- Puyallup, WA

where i live- Austin, TX

hair color- Blonde

eye color- Blue

birthday- June 13th

gender- Lady

lefty or righty- Righty

single or taken?- Single

happy?- Kinda sorta sometimes


are you in love?- No.

do you believe in love at first sight- Not really (unless they fine bearded babe).

who ended your last relationship- I’ve never been in a relationship.

have i ever broken someone elses heart- No.

are you afraid of commitment- Not really, I’m just hesitant because I don’t like to waste my time.
have i hugged someone within the last week- Yes

have i ever had a secret admirer- Probably not in real life, but I suppose some on Tumbr.

have i ever broken my own heart- Yes, I’m an idiot
do i spend valentines day alone?- Every year for 20 years! So impressive!

short or long term relationships- Long term.


love or lust- Love

lemonade or iced tea- Iced tea.

cats or dogs- Cats!!

a few best friends or many best friends- Either sounds nice??

tv or internet- Internet

pepsi or coke- Coke

day or night- Day

text or call- Text

make-up or natural- Make up is magical and wonderful

ever been caught making out- Yes

fallen down or up the stairs- Yes

wanted something/someone so badly it hurt- Currently

prank called a store- No
skipped school- For a concert hehe

wanted to disappear- Currently

spent all my money- No! I’m pretty responsible
met a celebrity- Jared Padalecki!!

been really ill- Yes

gotten high- Yes


smile or eyes- Smile

light or dark hair- Dark!

shorter or taller- Taller

hook up or relationship- Relationship

funny and poor or rich and serious- I can’t deal with serious people, my sense of humor is too stupid

mac or pc- Mac, even though my dumbass has a PC

city or country- City


last phone call- My fwend from my french class

last song i listened to- Read my Mind by the Killers

last thing i drank- Toooooo much wine

last place i was- Rio’s balcony

last kiss- A long time ago

last picture i took- Probs a nude tbh

last outfit- leggings and a tank top, i’m v comfy

last purchase- hummus lol

Imma tag shouldbedoingsomethingproductive, selenarose2013 and tea-and-solitude~

Lundi Sep 15 @ 10:16pm


Sext: I bought you earth balance cheddar squares

Lundi Sep 15 @ 09:49pm

Anonyme a dit: How do you feel about trans women invading feminist spaces?


i don’t get how a woman can “invade” a space meant for women. 

Lundi Sep 15 @ 09:48pm

me:* gets sad and drunk and texts mom about sadness*

Lundi Sep 15 @ 09:43pm

flamboyant-bassist a dit: hello! i've followed you for a long time and i just wanted to say that you are v pretty and that u run an amazing blog and i love seeing ur posts. okay thanks, have a good night

you’re a sweet blossom!!! thank u

Lundi Sep 15 @ 09:25pm

emmybabe97 a dit: Every time I see something you post that is body positive just makes my day. It reminds me that its okay to have those little "imperfections". You have truly helped my view on not just me but others as well. Thank you for that. :)

i am so glad!!!!!

Lundi Sep 15 @ 09:25pm

I’ve had a drastic mood shift I am no longer positive and fine

Lundi Sep 15 @ 09:06pm

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